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What if charging a smart device required a little less thought?

Eaton engineers prove that sometimes big innovations are incredibly simple by reinventing the wall receptacle with USB charging capabilities built right in.

Read the USB receptacle innovation story.

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AFCI Receptacles

Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Receptacles protect against arc faults in wiring resulting from damaged insulation and other causes that can lead to electrical fires.

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USB Charging Solutions

USB Charging Solutions offer quick and convenient access to charge virtually any USB-charged electronic device including smart phones, tablets, e-readers, cameras and MP3 players.

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Anyplace Switch

Anyplace switch gives you the flexibility of quickly installing a switch where one does not exist, on any flat surface, without running wire.


With a 100 years of electrical experience, power management company Eaton is anticipating the needs, engineering the products and shaping the solutions that will energize tomorrow’s world today. 

Connecting and protecting electrical loads is crucial to reliable, efficient and safe power management throughout a facility, on the job site and in the home. Eaton’s innovative electrical connectivity and control solutions provide commercial, industrial and residential construction markets with the solutions needed to keep power accessible, reliable and safe. From switches, wallplates and receptacles to lighting controls and data management devices, Eaton brings a new level of connectivity for your facility, job site and home.


CuVerro® Wallplates & Switches>

CuVerro® is a new type of antimicrobial touch surface material designed specifically for areas where cleanliness is a concern such as Healthcare and Educational facilities.


Wireless Control Systems>

Aspire RF is an intelligent wireless control system for lighting, temperature, security & A/V. Using Z-Wave® technology, it allows you to design your own system to suit your home.